Reporting Staff


Meet the Reporting Staff of Voice of the Warriors!


Former Editor Ryan Nguyen, the most handsome guy you’ll ever see.

Ryan Nguyen is the former editor in chief of Voice of the Warriors. He’d been been on the team since his sophomore year and is ecstatic to finally see his hard work in print. He focused on the writing aspects of Voice of the Warriors as well as managing the Voice of the Warriors website. You can find all his articles here. He attends UO to study journalism. In his spare time, he enjoys baking, gardening, writing in the third person, being bisexual, and especially being excruciatingly handsome (even when he doesn’t have free time).


Editor Paul Mitalipov with his sister.

Paul Mitalipov is junior and Editor-in-Chief for Voice of the Warriors. He’s been writing for Voice of the Warriors since his freshman year. He likes to hang out with friends and read comic books. You can find all his articles here.


Senior Reporter Brooke Wachter

Brooke Rachelle Wachter is a junior and a Senior Reporter for Voice of the Warriors. She hopes to write stories that AHS students sincerely enjoy. She’s the writer of most of our theatre articles. After attending Southern Oregon University, she hopes to become a successful novelist and possibly a math teacher. The theatre side of her says to her fellow theatre nerds, “Break a leg!” To the audience members, she says “Enjoy the show.” You can find all her articles here.


zee's votw bio photo.jpg

Reporter Zee Alrubaye

Zee Alrubaye is a new reporter for Voice of the Warriors. She’s a senior who loves meeting new people, sleeping wherever and whenever, writing, and decimating others on the tennis court. Her friends describe her as an outgoing, hot-headed and outspoken girl. This last fact often gets her in trouble. She’s been keeping the peace at National Honor Society meetings as Parliamentarian for two years. This is her first year writing for Voice of the Warriors, and it’s been a fantastic experience! Her favorite quote is from Kang Tae Joon in the Korean drama To the Beautiful You, who said: “A miracle is another name for hard work.” You can find all her articles here.


Reporter Tina Ngo with her little brother

Tina Ngo is a junior and a new reporter for Voice of the Warriors. She loves to volunteer to meet new people while also having fun. Volunteering led her to her current workplace, SHINE, at Kinnaman Elementary School. She is also in Key Club, National Honor Society, Cantilena, and is currently the president of the new Robotics Club. Her main focus for Voice of the Warriors is keeping an eye out for newsworthy topics.

alexis dimit votw bio photo.jpg

Reporter Alexis Dimit

Alexis Dimit is a freshman and a new reporter for Voice of the Warriors. She’s a Mormon, Anime lover, Book fanatic, Fellow Adventurer, and a wannabe author.


Reporter Marian Ibrahim and Editor-in-Chief Ryan Nguyen

Marian Ibrahim is a junior and a new reporter for Voice of the Warriors. She likes to swim and eat sweet foods. She is from Egypt but was born in Somalia. That is why she can speak three languages: Arabic, Somali, and English.


Reporter Abbey Kester

Abbey Kester is a junior and a new reporter for Voice of the Warriors. This is her first year on the staff and she’s super excited to be part of the team. She can be found hanging around the library when she isn’t at GSA or dancing and spinning with the awesome color/winter guard. In her spare time, she tries to read but mostly just takes naps and practices being extremely queer.


Reporter Madeline Saunders

Maddie Saunders is a sophomore and a new reporter for Voice of the Warriors with absolutely no free time. She’s in Legally Blonde, the spring 2017 musical, and finds no greater joy than from anything other than music. She’s has an unfortunate tendency to be pretty forgetful, and… wait, what was she going to say? Gosh darn it.


Reporter Mercedes Barraza

Mercedes Barraza is a senior and a new reporter for Voice of the Warriors. She is currently in denial about being on the newspaper staff because it isn’t fully clear to her when she became a member. Things she does remember joining is the Gay-Straight Alliance, since she’s been the leader for two years and a member for four. Come Join. She’s also the current leader of the National Art Honor Society, a member for three years. Too Late to Join. She’s usually in the art room itself, or just lurking outside it. She arrives at school early so she can get the same parking spot, and curses anyone who manages to steal “her spot.” She can also be seen leaving the school late because she has no life and likes to think of new ways she can sneak into the art room to spend the night in there, because she thinks it’d be fun.


Reporter Rachel Fuka

Rachel Fuka is a junior and one of the amazing new reporters for Voice of the Warriors. When she’s not crying over cartoons and homework, she draws and bakes sometimes. Along with being a generally cool person, she’s also a part of the AHS yearbook! She’s happy to lend a hand to the thriving and indispensable awesomeness that is Voice of the Warriors. She also loves guinea pigs.


Reporter Kaitlyn Washburn

Kaitlyn Washburn is a freshman and a reporter for the 2016-2017 Voice of the Warriors staff. She is extremely excited to be at Aloha that year and also for all of the fun memories have yet to come. When she isn’t doing homework, she enjoys reading and writing, soccer, and painting. Even though she loves all of these things, her absolute favorite thing to do is watch romantic comedies.