Art and Design Staff


Meet the VOTW’s Art and Design Staff!


Co-Head of Design Audrey Colvin-McClintock

Audrey Colvin-McClintock. Junior. Head of Design at Voice of the Warriors. Left foot of Voltron. Still waiting for Starfleet Academy. She’s been putting up with Ryan’s nonsense since her freshman year. If you cut her open you would find that her circulatory system is made entirely of USB cords, with toxic levels of Red Bull flowing through it. Designer of the current VOTW logo. You can find her work here.


Co-Head of Design Justin Fenimore

Justin Fenimore is a junior who’s into the latest fashions, graphic design, and rockets. He is one of Voice of the Warriors’s awesome senior graphic designers and has been on the team since his sophomore year. You can find his VOTW work here.