Former Staff Members

This page lists VOTW staff members who’ve either graduated, moved away, or written articles as a one-time deal. The VOTW will miss them all!*

2016-2017 School Year

The Lucky One Premiere

Tove hasn’t sent me a photo yet, so here’s a photo of Zac Efron.

Tove is a Swedish exchange student and was a reporter for Voice of the Warriors. She’s currently a senior. She was born in the south of Sweden and had never been outside of Europe ‘till she set foot in New York City three months ago.

Here in America, she has four host siblings between the ages of 3-9. In Sweden, she has two biological siblings. There, she enjoyed studying the natural sciences such as biology, physics, and math. Here, she just studies whatever she feels like, which is great to her!

Her friends usually describe her as a happy, creative, outgoing, and an absolute mess of a person (the last part is her favorite). In her free time, she likes to paint, snowboard, and dance. At AHS, she’s a cheerleader and a participant in the spring musical Legally Blonde. She also loves cats.


Freelancer Olivia Chadwick

Olivia Chadwick is a junior and was a freelancer for Voice of the Warriors, and she couldn’t have been more thrilled have been on the team. She loves to read in her free time and dream of mystical, far-off lands. She enjoys hanging out with friends and being inspired by nature and her own mistakes. Her favorite quote is “There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own,” by Albert Einstein. You can find all her stories here.

Former Reporter Jazmyn Zurita

Jazmyn Zurita was a freshman and a former reporter for the 2016-2017 Voice of the Warriors staff. In her free time, she enjoys trying out new things such as ceramics, cooking, and traveling. Her favorite saying is from Mallory Hopkins, who said “Life is short. Smile while you still got teeth.”

*NOTE: This page only lists staff members who actually contributed to VOTW, by writing articles, designing graphics, or otherwise. If don’t you find yourself here, congrats! You did absolutely nothing.


Photographer Kiara Husband (Graduated 2017)

Kiara Husband was a senior and a photographer for Voice of the Warriors. She’s been taking photos since the age of fourteen and currently does professional photography. She enjoys coffee, foodie culture, live music, Game of Thrones, and exploring every part of the wet Pacific Northwest. She plans on studying literature and gender studies in college in hopes of one day using her passion for social activism to educate her community. You can find all her VOTW photography here.


Photographer Jennifer Jasso  (Graduated 2017)

Jennifer Jasso was a senior and a photographer for Voice of the Warriors, but she’s not your typical high school teenager. She enjoys painting, drawing, and listening to music in her spare time. She’s an avid daydreamer, constantly exploring the depths of her imagination. She’s very creative when it comes to art-related things. She would like to get a career in the art field, possibly pursuing a career in professional fashion design. You can find her VOTW photography here.

Mercedes Barraza Staff Biography Photo.jpg

Reporter Mercedes Barraza    (Graduated 2017)

Mercedes Barraza was a senior and a new reporter for Voice of the Warriors. She was in denial about being on the newspaper staff because it isn’t fully clear to her when she became a member. Things she does remember joining is the Gay-Straight Alliance, since she’s been the leader for two years and a member for four. Come Join. She was the leader of the National Art Honor Society, a member for three years. Too Late to Join. She liked to hang out in the art room itself, or just lurking outside it. She used to arrive at school early so she can get the same parking spot, and curses anyone who manages to steal “her spot.” She could be seen leaving the school late because she has no life and likes to think of new ways she can sneak into the art room to spend the night in there, because she thinks it’d be fun. You can find all of her work here.


Editor-in-Chief Ryan Nguyen, the most handsome guy you’ll ever see. (Graduated 2017)

Ryan Nguyen was a senior and editor-in-chief of Voice of the Warriors. He had been on the team since his sophomore year and is ecstatic to finally see his hard work in print. He focused on the writing aspects of Voice of the Warriors as well as managing the Voice of the Warriors website. You can find all his articles here. He will attend University of Oregon to study journalism. In his spare time, he enjoys baking, gardening, writing in the third person, being bisexual, and especially being excruciatingly handsome (even when he doesn’t have free time).


Reporter Zee Alrubaye (Graduated 2017)

Zee Alrubaye was a reporter for Voice of the Warriors. She was a senior who loves meeting new people, sleeping wherever and whenever, writing, and decimating others on the tennis court. Her friends describe her as an outgoing, hot-headed and outspoken girl. This last fact often gets her in trouble. She kept the peace at National Honor Society meetings as Parliamentarian for two years. Last year was her first year writing for Voice of the Warriors, and it’s been a fantastic experience! Her favorite quote is from Kang Tae Joon in the Korean drama To the Beautiful You, who said: “A miracle is another name for hard work.” You can find all her articles here.