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The Closet.

A new biweekly column about LGBTQ+ life both in the halls of Aloha High School and in the Pacific Northwest, written by a bisexual author who thought a biweekly column was a really clever joke. Articles are up every Monday.

Ask Suzy Q.

A new monthly advice column that’s your destination for advice about life’s daily problems. Articles are up on the first of every month. Submit to Suzy Q by filling in a contact form, or by emailing!

Should I Take… 

A new seasonal column about all the crazy classes at Aloha High School. Articles to be up soon.

Cooking with Rachel!

A new column by our very own Rachel Fuka all about cooking tips, tricks, and recipes.


Coming Soon

Student Spotlight.

A new biweekly column heralding the incredible students of Aloha High School. Articles will be up every Tuesday.


Lights, Camera, Action!

A biweekly column all about the bizarre kids and zany traditions of AHS Theatre.