Dealing With Stress

Marian Ibrahim

As we all know, these coming months will be a huge stress on students, since April is National Stress Awareness Month. To further understand this topic I have done some interviews with students at Aloha High School to see what is they think of the month. I first interviewed Juliet, and I asked her how she felt when she’s super stressed out. She said she really likes being busy. She does extracurricular activities, like dancing, and playing the piano. She feels more productive when she is busy, and stress relieved. I also asked her what tends to stress her out on a daily basis, and how does she usually deal with that? She said finishing homework that is due every day like AP Calculus and AP U.S. History. In addition, choosing between sleep or homework is important. I also asked her how she deals with a lot of stress at once, including what tips have has she tried and liked the most, and what tips has she tried that don’t work for you? She said every day she tries to make time and schedule my work. For example, if you have to miss your job to study then you should because it will help you get more prepared for the test. When asked what do she suggests to students who are incredibly stressed out by this month’s large amount of standardized tests, Juliet said the student should find ways to get up early and go to school, have planner know what you need to study. I also asked her if she felt that schools nowadays are doing good jobs of making sure their students aren’t stressed out all the time? Why? How about at AHS? Why do you feel that way?. She said Schools are good at preparing students I know schools like Jesuit High School gives students puppies for stress relief. I know puppies are awesome, but you can spend that time by studying like using flash cards. However, some improvements that can be made to better help with student’s stress is giving a schedule to the student, so they know what to study. Due to the fact that we live in the present, it helps the student to be more prepared.

Another student that I have interviewed at Aloha High school is Elizabeth. She said her stress symptoms are being moody or upset. To relieve her stress she sleeps or eats something good. On daily basis, she gets stress from school. As a junior, she said every day she thinks about her future, and what she should do in life. To deal with stress at once Elizabeth said she tries to think positive thoughts. She tries to stay calm instead of getting upset, she tries to figure out the situation. For example, she does research or talks to her parents about what is the right thing to do for the situation. An advice Elizabeth gives for students that are stressed out due to the standardized test is we should stay positive. Due to the fact that by taking the test it will only help us improve because we get to know what we are good at and what we are not. Elizabeth said that schools have support for the student that are stressed out. Although she is new to Aloha High School she said they do a very good job of helping stressed students. For example, she said school counselors are really helpful. She has talked to her counselor, and it made her feel less stressed, so she recommends school counselors.

Furthermore, I interviewed Caroline a junior at Aloha High School.When I asked Caroline how she feels when she is stressed out she said she gets very anxious, and she panics. However, mostly she is anxious. When I asked her about what tends to stress her out on daily basis and how she deals with it Caroline replied by saying a combination of things stress her out. For example, school, homework, and now she is a Junior in college. In addition, there is also family stuff too, and everything is a big mess, so those things stress her out. When asked how she deals with stress at once Caroline said when you deal with stress it’s really hectic but tips to help fix it is listening to music. Finding a good calm playlist helps her deal with stress. Also, drink some water, and having a to-do list to check off things that are done. This is a good way of fixing stress. Caroline’s suggestion to students who are incredibly stressed out by this month’s large amount of standardized tests is to remember that you are not alone everyone else is dealing with it. There is a comfort knowing that you’re not alone. One should know that this is going to pass and eventually you are going to be done with the test, so that’s really nice to know. Lastly, when I asked her how she thinks schools help out stressed kids. Caroline said I think schools are starting to recognize the fact that students are constantly under a massive amount of stress which is nice. Aloha High School especially has improved from what I can tell by making classes a little easier during the testing days.

Overall, at the end of the day, it was really fun interviewing these students of sAloha High School and just knowing how they deal with stress. I hope we can all learn from what they said, and try some of these tips to help deal with our stress. Good luck to every student who is taking a test.


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