Special Thanks To Homecoming Help

Screenshot 2017-12-15 at 2.40.54 PM

Khya Gridley

A special thanks goes out to all those you helped build our fabulous homecoming. October 28 2017 will surely not be a night anyone would forget!


Homecoming was not an easy task to put together. People got frustrated, people got stressed, but they all used collaborative skills to work together and figure out tasks. We all worked long and hard every weekend to make our prodigious dance. A couple of the following students below have been interviewed about the homecoming dance:


Andrea Moya Lopez, sophomore, said that helping with homecoming does take some patience. To her, it required time management and quite a bit of mental preparing. Even though this was her first year volunteered, she feels like helping out with homecoming is a great opportunity to give back to our community and make everyone’s night feel special.


Katelyn Howery, senior, helped out with our homecoming because she likes to see everything come together out of teamwork from her peers. She feels satisfaction in knowing she was part of putting it together. She believes that people don’t really realize how long and how many hours people have spent trying to make everything amazing. Thank’s to this, she believes without a doubt Aloha High School has the best dance in the Metro(Portland) Area.

These students surely know what is up! They are just a couple of the stellar warriors who made homecoming possible.

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