Senior Wills



Photo Credit: Felix Russel-Saw


This year, some of the seniors on the staff of The Voice of the Warriors have chosen to leave behind a few last words of wisdom.

Zee Alrubaye

Being a senior who reached maximum levels of Senioritis and also being one who currently absolutely no desire to finish the few days we have left,  I leave to my fellow underclassmen my laziness — that got me through absolutely nothing — every single one of my skipped Access Tutorials (over thirty!), all of which I spent snoozing peacefully in bed, and — of course — to my little brother, Zaid, and to all the other students staying at Aloha for the time being, I leave the pain of having to wait until they, themselves, graduate and receive their very own diploma. As for the people who are taking German, I will to you my ability to speak very (very) basic German. And to those who are taking Child Development, I will to you my patience, because you will most definitely need it. I also will to those students taking AP Statistics my reading and writing skills, because you’ll need them more than math skills in this class; that class has more reading than my English class. Aren’t I happy to move on? Just kidding! (Mostly.) Being at Aloha was a great experience, and I enjoyed every moment of it; especially my senior year, a year that was filled with laughter and new experiences. Yet we can’t forget the pain of all those research papers, big projects, AP exams, finals, speeches and — of course — the mandatory readings in AP Lit that nobody did… thanks Sparknotes! (Sorry, Mrs. Campbell.) Although senior year is meant for fun and fooling around, it’s one of the most important years in your high school career. My only advice to you freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, is to look around you and take every opportunity to meet new people and get involved with open minds and open hearts.


Mercedes Barraza

Senior year is coming to an end, and I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t really remember it because it went by so fast. It seems like just yesterday I came into school on Warrior Day, tomato-faced, sweaty, with this weird giant mutant curl hanging right in the center of my forehead for my Student ID card that I never carried with me and never actually needed. Here I leave my last will and testament for the first of the three senior phases of our lives.

First, to my son, Jawwad Ashman, I leave you the task of having an extremely sarcastic relationship with Campbell; I bestow upon you the challenge of being kinda stalkerish taking pictures of Campbell when she isn’t watching (not when she’s teaching because she won’t be able to take pictures of you) and then emailing them to her with a cryptic, mysterious subject line. To my daughter, Amber, I leave you will the confidence and cocky attitude you should have for how incredibly amazing, and artistic you are. You have such a bright future and I hope you end up coming to PNCA with me, if not, I’ll be a little butthurt but happy with whatever choice you make. To those of you underclassmen who belong to a minority group, you’ve taken a lot of hurt this year; Surprisingly you didn’t shatter, you’re still here, so whatever school or the world throws your way you’ll live.

Advice (probably not good advice): senior year isn’t any less stressful than the other years, it’s just that as a senior, you see all your hard work paying off. Colleges start contacting you, or you begin to get job offers, or you 100% don’t know what your purpose in life is, and you just gonna chill for a bit. Whatever you do, make sure you’re happy about it. In the end, it’s your life, and you’ll know what to do with it.


Ryan Nguyen

Words of Wisdom: Fight fiercely, and they will never be able to take your fire.

To Naomi Grant, I will you the strength, force of character, and confidence to pursue your dreams with all your passion and heart, whether that be underwater basket weaving or building rockets to Jupiter. (Hopefully the latter, so you can finally pay me back all that money you owe me.)

To Zee Alrubaye, I will you the ability to keep smiling as you always did in the three years of German class we had together. Stehe auf!

To Mr. Rotramel, I will you the ability to appear on time to The Voice of the Warrior meetings next year.

To Justin Fenimore, I would will you a sense of fashion, but you have a great one already. Stay cool, my dude.

To Brooke Wachter, good luck handling these crazy kids next year.

To Paul Mitalipov, I will you the ability to smell a scoop.

To Abbey Kester, I will you a single moment of peace for your final year of high school. Trust me, you’re going to need all the quiet moments you can get…

To every other student at Aloha High School: aim for the sun when dreaming, and make sure to stop and take some photos before school ends. The days are long, but the years are short.


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