What Standardized Test are You?


Photo Credit: Aaron Burden

Rachel Fuka

Have you ever wondered what standardized test you most align with? Take this quiz to find out!


1.) Do you care more about being correct or showing what you know?

A: I want to show what I know and what I’ve learned.

B: I want to use my reasoning to get a single, definitive answer.

C: I want to explain myself and defend my answer!

D: I recognize there can be more than one correct answer, but there is one answer that is most correct.


2.) How long does it take for you to do your homework?


A: Around 3 and half hours.

B: Around 3 hours.

C: I take my time, and so it varies every night.

D: It varies, but I don’t take more than 4 hours.


3.) What environment do you perform best in?


A: In school.

B: In a library.

C: Anywhere… if I have my computer.

D: In study hall.


4.) Are you a good writer?

A: Of course! Writing is an important skill.

B: I’m ok, but it’s not super important to me.

C: Yes, I can argue my point fiercely and expound upon every step in my thinking process.

D: I can write fast, but it’s not my best work.


5.) What color do you feel most connected with?

A: Red.

B: Blue.

C: Green.

D: Black.

6.) What subject are you best at?

A: Science.

B: Filling in bubbles.

C: Math.

D: Yes.


7.) What type of tests are you best at?

A: Free-response.

B: Multiple choice.
C: I’m not good at any tests.

D: I’m average between free response and multiple choice.

If you answered mostly…



You’re the ACT! This test focuses on your grammar, writing, math, and science skills. It’s based on a standard school curriculum and what you have learned throughout school.



You’re the SAT! This test focuses on your reasoning and deductive skills. It also tests on math, science, writing and language skills.



You’re the SBAC! This test is a state requirement that tests your essential skills. It has no time limit, and every junior is required to take it.



You’re the AP exams! You’re run by the College Board, and you give college credit to students who take introductory college-level classes in high school who also pass a national exam in May.

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