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The last seniors will see of this school… (Photo Credit: Wikimedia)


Hello again Suzy Q followers! Sorry that these last questions have been somewhat… scattered. Must be the end-of-year jitters coming along! (Which gives you a pretty big hint as to who I am…) As always, feel free to send us questions at any time either via our “Contact” page or via email, at!

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Dear Suzy Q,

The end of my senior year is approaching very fast, and I’m suffering from a severe senioritis! I really have no idea how I’m going to treat this laziness of mine. It’s very serious — I’m avoiding doing any of my homework, refusing to study for any of my finals, and I’m even skipping classes! All this is very unusual for me. All I want to do at this point of the year to go out with my friends and enjoy the beautiful weather. And for some reason, all the teachers have decided to give us big projects to complete in such short periods of time. I have absolutely no motivation. In your opinion, how can I motivate myself to finish strong?



It’s good that you wrote to me, I was beginning to think that I was the only one who’s going through such a phase. Well, I’m going to tell you what I tell myself every day when I wake up and realize that I have to go to school. I close my eyes, and lie in bed for five minutes, telling myself to finish strong, to just keep going, and that I’m almost there. Now I know this doesn’t help very much now, but it’s the only option we have for now. Another thing you could do is to think of how horrible it would be to fail your classes and not graduate. This fear is what motivates me to work hard. Now, work very hard and finish all the projects that you have, and that way you can simply sit back and enjoy the last days of your high school life.

— Suzy Q

Hey Suzy Q!

I’m a senior here at Aloha who’s SUPER excited to graduate, but I also feel very scared of the fact that I’m an adult now and that I have to get out to the real world. Like, TAXES. I’m also going to be moving out of my home and going to live in a dorm, and although I’m very excited, I’m terrified at the same time. I’m pretty sure that there are so many students out there who feel the same, so what do you recommend that I should do to prepare myself for this huge life change?

From, Senior 2017

Dear, Senior 2017,

Don’t worry about feeling alone in your plight. There are many seniors who are also scared about leaving high school and entering the real world right now, and I can’t blame you! First, take a big breath. Just remember that, now, that you’re an adult. Even if you don’t feel any different now (anticlimactic, right?), you will learn to “adult” in your own time. Learning how to do small things like laundry, ironing and folding clothes, cooking, and changing your oil will help you feel prepared for when you leave for college.

Even though it’s a bit (or even really) scary, college will be a (hopefully) good experience. Even if it isn’t — which it isn’t for everybody — remember that college need not be the best four years of your life, just like high school needn’t be. Personally, in retrospect, my high school years certainly didn’t feel like the best four years of my life. But hey — the years after college can be pretty great, too. So for now, just fully live in every last moment of being a teenager, and truly try to enjoy every last second of it. Remember these memories, and have a great time at graduation.

— Suzy Q

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