What Member of The Voice of the Warriors are You?


Photo Credit: Braydon Anderson

Ryan Nguyen

Ever wondered “what member of The Voice of the Warriors am I?” Just trying to procrastinate before next week’s calculus exam? Read on!

1. How organized are you?


Photo Credit: Jeff Sheldon

A. I’ve color-coded every single hair on my head — and everywhere else on my body :).

B. I’m pretty tidy.

C. I think I could do a little better…

D. I am the Trash Ruler.

2. What’s your favorite class?


Students studying in AP Calculus with Ms. Gibson. From left to right: Eben Elling, Justin Perez, Paul Mitalipov (blue sweater). Photo Credit: Kiara Yin-Husband

A. AP Economics, because I’m a decent human being.

B. Anything other than AP Economics.

C. I have a passion for my graphic design class.

D. Please don’t hurt me like this.

3. Is it weird to have a sandwich with only peanut butter? (i.e., a peanut butter sandwich)


Photo Credit: Shanice Garcia

A. No????? Because I’m a normal human being????

B. I’m allergic to peanut butter.

C. I’m vegan.

D. This is why I suffer every day.



4. What do you think of Paul?


Senior Loser Paul Mitalipov

A. No thanks.

B. Yikes.

C. I’m vegan.

D. Not a huge fan myself.

If you got…

Mostly A’s: Congratulations! You’re Ryan, the most handsome member of The Voice of the Warriors.

Mostly B’s: You’re Brooke! Mathematical!

Mostly C’s: You’re Audrey. Which is… okay? I guess. It could be worse.

Mostly D’s: You’re Paul. This is the “worse” that I was talking about.


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