How To Make Your Spring Break Amazing


Photo Credit: Alexandru Tudorache

Madeline Saunders

Spring Break officially starts Monday, March 27th, and of course, your whole week is planned out! First, you’re going to… and then you’ll… um…

Yikes. Low on cash? Need a ride? Don’t have any plans for spring break? Never fear — you’ve come to the right place! You’ve conveniently stumbled across tons of things to do over the break (besides homework, of course).

First things first: everyone loves a good road trip, whether it’s down the road to Dairy Queen or across the country to Louisiana. There are hundreds of beautiful places across Oregon to visit over the break: Crater Lake National Park, the Columbia River Gorge, Cannon Beach, the International Rose Test Garden, and Mount Hood are all great if you’re an out-of-state tourist visiting Oregon for the first time. Or maybe you’re content with the tourist traps — I don’t know. But if you’re looking for a fun challenge, convince your family to go hiking! The Beaver State is full of natural beauty, and some of the best places to see it are Silver Creek Falls, Angel’s Rest, Opal Creek, and Spencer Butte. Looking for a dose of cold ocean water? Cape Kiwanda, Hart’s Cove, Boiler Bay, and Sea Lion Caves might be just what you’re looking for. If you’re not into hiking, hit up one of Oregon’s famous cities instead: Bend, Astoria, Eugene, and, of course, Portland.

Second: a place to go with your friends, nearby and as free as possible. As mentioned above, Portland is the perfect place to kill a few hours with a group of friends, or even just one or two, and you don’t even need to pester your parents for a ride! Buy a few 1-day train TriMet passes ($2.50 if you’re under 17, $5 if you’re over) and visit the Central Library, the oldest public library on the West Coast; or the Saturday Market, full of fresh new things every week. Or even visit the Grotto, a 62-acre Catholic sanctuary; how about Hoyt Arboretum, a 185-acre hiker’s paradise home to plants from all seven continents. You can even take a date to the Portland Art Museum (it’s free if you’re under 17) and head south to Cacao, a chocolate shop if you’re into that kind of thing.

Finally: maybe you just want to spend spring break alone in your room. I feel you. Order a pizza, collect your favorite films, and hunker down for a movie marathon. Or if movies aren’t your thing, buy some cute fairy lights, string them up around your room, gather your best book series, and have a reading marathon. If you desire a little outside time, volunteer at the public library, or take your books out to soak up what little sun we may receive.

There are plenty of great things to do next week, so don’t fret if you’re running out of time. Hopefully, you’ve gathered enough inspiration to make this spring break way better than the last.

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