Legally Blonde: The Musical — A Fabulously Upbeat Play, but with Technical Difficulties


Photo Credit: Flickr

Alexis Dimit

Rating: ⅗

Legally Blonde: The Musical is Aloha Theater’s newest play. Elle Woods, played by Elli Faglino, appears to have it all. Her life is turned upside down when her boyfriend Warner Huntington, played by Julian Langis, dumps her so he can go to Harvard Law School to get “serious.” Determined to get him back, Elle uses her charm to get into Harvard. While at school she struggles with peers, professors, and Warner. With the help of Paulette, played by Haley Andruss, and Emmett, played by Brendan Summers, Elle finally realizes her full legal potential and sets out to show it off to the world.

The fantastically upbeat music added a perfectly perky soundtrack behind our equally peppy protagonist Elle Woods. The music is so memorable that I was humming “There, Right, There!” — aka “Gay or European” — all week long. “Omigod You Guys” was also excellently rendered. My favorite line, “If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualifies” can really touch the hearts of all the shippers out there. The pit orchestra performance complemented the acting perfectly! Without the pit, the play would be much less engaging.

The truly unsung (no pun intended!) heroes were the behind the scenes crew who moved the huge sets around, like the courthouse and the bathroom. It was a real marvel to witness one set be practically transfigured into a completely different setting in the span of an instant. In addition, the technical crew’s amazing performance also really brought the whole play together. The play itself was really interesting and engaging, but be wary about bringing small children because of the mature themes and mild language.

Some technical difficulties, like the screeching of mic feedback 一 always a lovely sound 一 and some fumbled lines, however, tore me away from giving this musical a higher score. Those minor details really were the sort of things that would have made the play an exceptional experience, allowing me to fully immerse myself in a story. Instead, the storymaking experience was hampered by an awkward line or a noise malfunction. My poor ears. All in all, Legally Blonde: The Musical was a good experience, but I hope to see a bit more from Aloha Theatre in the coming months.

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