What’s in a Backpack?


Photo Credit: Mayra Carreno


Rachel Fuka

Backpacks are an essential part of the everyday life of a student, especially in high school. Lugging textbooks from home to school probably wouldn’t be possible without them. But we all know that we don’t always just have our homework in your bags, but probably random stuff that you don’t really think much of. (For example, I had a full sized kit kat bar in my bag for around a week before I remembered I had it). Additionally, if you use your bag for more than just school, there’s probably quite a few random things in there.

So what do students at Aloha have in their bags?

There are the straightforward answers like Liz Hess, a senior, who recommends “always having pencils and pens…and having a way to be organized. Elizabeth Lee, a sophomore agrees, “A binder, a notebook, a pencil pouch — with plenty of pencils and pens and erasers and highlighters. [You should also have] your Chromebook. Maybe some portable hand sanitizer.”

Then there are the less conventional answers. Ryann Morton, a junior, says she “[has] 24/7 food because I’m always hungry.” There’s also some other “quality of life” kinds of things that students should always have on hand, she explains. “I always have a toothbrush. And a flashlight. And playing cards. And I’ve got a car charger for my phone.”

Similarly, a junior who has a love for technology has “a five-in-one multi-adapter so I can charge my phone [anywhere around] the world.” Most people interviewed shared the same sentiment that the most important non-school related item they always have in their backpack is their earbuds and their phone, and for some, a charger. Teenage priorities.

But does it matter if your backpack looks good? Most people said that a backpack’s purpose is pretty utilitarian, and it doesn’t matter what it looks like. Lee, when asked what was more important in a bag — style or function — answered, “Function, because I don’t want a super weak little designer backpack to carry around my heavy binder.”

On that note as well, those who were interviewed also said they rarely if ever use their locker for more than storing their textbooks. Otherwise, their supplies are carried in the backpack all day. Anderson sometimes doesn’t even use his locker, “I used to use my locker to hold my textbooks, [but now] I get my textbooks online.”

Note: Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.


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