Grossed Out with Suzy Q


Photo Credit: Gemma Evans

Suzy Q

Welcome back to Ask Suzy Q, VOTW’s newest advice column, and your destination for advice about life’s daily problems! Email your problems to us to have Suzy Q give her advice at! All problems are held in the utmost confidentiality.

For those readers who haven’t heard, Suzy Q is VOTW’s newest advice column! Let’s start things off with our newest question.


Dear Suzy Q,


There’s this girl in one of my classes who’s really, and I mean really, weird. One time, she was picking her nose (a common occurrence) and she, with a flourish, ate the whole thing! It’s extremely cringe-inducing even writing about it now. Should I be a good person and ignore her? Or should I tell her that she’s being really gross? I need to do something.


— Totally Grossed Out


Dear Totally Grossed Out,


I totally get how you feel. However, telling her that she’s being gross could make the situation a lot worse. The best way to handle this is to just let her learn and change as a person at her own pace. When I was a freshman, I was such a weirdo. I would do so many cringe-worthy things. (I must refrain from mentioning them here, for they were so awful). Now, I‘ve learned from the past and become a better person. She might also have some problems at home and may have developed this habit that somehow makes her feel better. (Even if it is disgusting). I would suggest that you just try to ignore her and focus on other things.


— Suzy Q



Feel free to submit your questions and issues to me through VOTW’s contact form, or just by emailing us at! All questions are strictly confidential.


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