Falling in Love With a Snake

This is a poem submitted by a student of Aloha High School who wishes to remain anonymous.



Falling in Love With a Snake.


Now you will hear a story.

that is one of a kind.

a story that you will never forget.

no matter what you find.

a story where love took place.

on a snowy day.

it lasted for so long.

until it was may.

my love who’ve always been by my side.

now is really gone.

I tried to forget the past.

but i keep calling john.

summer has now slowly came.

it melted our hearts away.

now we have to feel the pain.

can’t we go back to that day.

the day that you took my heart away.

never though it will break.

i guess that’s what they call fate.

falling in love with a snake.


2 responses to “Falling in Love With a Snake

    • Sorry for responding so late! Thank you so much for asking this, we’d LOVE to have more reader-submitted poems. All you need to do to submit a poem is to click on the “Contact” button on the menu header and submit it from there! Thanks again for commenting!

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