Twelve Angry Jurors — A Powerful Performance

Kaitlyn Washburn

Twelve Angry Jurors was a fantastic production put on by the Aloha High School theater program. Set in New York City on August 12, 1957, we witness a jury of twelve determine the fate of a young boy who was accused of first-degree murder. The case seems obvious at first, but one woman, Juror Number 8, is hesitant to vote guilty and sentence the young boy to death.

theatre photo 3.JPG

A photo of the set.

Throughout the play, you see all the hard work, talent, and dedication that went into the making of this play. The actors and actresses all did wonderful jobs portraying their characters, even if they might not have been particularly likable. Each juror’s different personalities, which ranged from an obnoxious racist to a frail old woman, were brought out excellently by the seasoned cast.

“I got to know the experience of [understanding] the character really well,” says Lindsey Nguyen, a junior who performed as Juror Number 10.

Not only was the acting wonderful, but actually experiencing it on stage was absolutely incredible. The audience  sat right in front of the “jury room,” so it was like you were a part of the show, which made  the fight scenes all the more striking. After the final show, I was able to interview a few of the cast members, who all spoke highly of the AHS theater program and of the director and drama teacher, Mr. Foren.


A photo of the on-stage seats.

“Aloha theater gives you a lot of room to grow in,” says junior Anthony Spreitler, who played the part of Juror Number 3, a hot-tempered man, “and Mr. Foren gives you a lot of opportunities to show off what you can do and help you [learn].”

Junior Becki Meyer, who performed the part of the timid Juror Number 2, absolutely loves theatre. “It’s the funnest thing ever!”

The dedication of the theatre department shone through in this powerful rendition of Twelve Angry Jurors. I look forward to the next Aloha theater performance of Legally Blonde: the Musical, which premieres later next spring. Based on this electrifying performance, I would highly recommend the Aloha Theater program to anyone interested in performing with an amazing crew.


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